About Spring Tea Group

Spring Tea Group (U.S.A) Inc. is a branch of LongRun Tea Group Co., Ltd. in the U.S.A. LongRun Tea Group has acquired Yunnan LongRun Trade Co., Ltd. It is the only company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a business in tea and tea related products.

LongRun Tea Group adheres to scientific and technological improvements and innovative product ideas. LongRun Tea Group and Yunnan Agricultural University have built the LongRun Pu-erh Tea College and Research Institute. They have strong R & D ability.

By virtue of this ability, LongRun Tea Group produces a traditional tea processed to medical manufacturing standards. It has established a unique quality management system to promote standardized and scientific tea production and specialized processing. It places a great emphasis on quality control starting from the source. The Group has established a cooperative relationship with millions of tea farmers in Yunnan. Tea farmers grow tea or pick leaves in accordance with the Group's strict standards. This behavior not only ensures the quality of raw materials for LongRun tea, but also provides a solid foundation for Long-Run tea to become a high-quality tea supplier.

LongRun Tea Group encompasses a nationwide chain of 130 franchise stores and direct sales stores in China. LongRun Tea is expanding its industrial and sales network into Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the United States etc. Its goal is to be the brand management company for more than 70,000 Chinese tea companies.

Long-Run Tea adheres to the "traditional with modern" concept of product development and has successfully developed fashionable products such as the tea bags, instant tea, easy tea cup, etc. The products include LongRun Pu-erh tea, LongRun black tea, LongRun green tea and other teas, with 200 varieties.

Health is very important in the life of every person. It is LongRun Tea Group's goal to encourage healthier living. Sincerely dedicated, LongRun Tea Group will try its best to advocate "drinking tea every day, to be healthy, whole people". We try to promote healthy living through our tea business because this is a new era and a new starting point for Chinese tea. LongRun Tea is considered to be the number one brand among Chinese teas.

We would like to supply you with tea bags, whole leaves, or in powder form, to accommodate your preference. Please contact us today, and enjoy the aroma and benefits of our fine natural teas!

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