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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Mingcui  (Fermented, Year 2014)

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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Mingcui (Fermented, Year 2014)

Item: LR-1004

Long Run Fengqing Tea Garden is located in Fengqing, one of world's oldest tea producing regions. High altitude, mild climate, and ample sunshine allow tea trees to flourish in a natural pollution free environment.

The 2014 Mingcui fermented Pu-erh teacake is prepared through traditional methods of 86 unique steps which results in a deep maroon brewing color and clean tasting notes.

To prepare Mingcui, place desired amount in a teapot and pour small amount of boiled water in the pot to wake the fermented tea. Discard the initial brew and steep the moistened tea in fresh hot water for 2-3 minutes. Adjust brewing time according to individual preference. Each serving could brew 3-4 pots.

LR-1004 (Year 2014)
Price: $32.99

  • Weight: 357g/cake
  • Year Produced: 2014
  • Category: Fermented Pu-erh Tea
  • Place of origin: Fengqing County Yunnan Province, China

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