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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Tianlai (Fermented, Year 2014)

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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Tianlai (Fermented, Year 2014)

Item: LR-1005

LongRun Tianlai fermented teacake uses high-quality raw materials from the Lancang River Basin, a subtropical region known for its fertile soil and adequate rainfall.

Tianlai teacakes are packaged in distinctive traditional paper made with Yunnan mulberry-bark yarns. The special paper protects the teacake from moisture and naturally preserves the unique flavors produced through the fermentation process.

The fermented Tianlai is known for its red wine rouge brewing color and earthy tones. Unleash the outstanding aromas through variation in brewing times.

LR-1005 (Year 2014)
Price: $32.99

  • Weight: 357g/cake
  • Year Produced: 2014
  • Category: Fermented Pu-erh Tea
  • Place of origin: Yun County,Yunnan Province, China

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