Pu-erh Tea Cake Pu-erh Tea Cake
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LongRun ChuLan Pu-erh Tea Cake (Unfermented)

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LongRun ChuLan Pu-erh Tea Cake (Unfermented)

Item: LR-103

ChuLan is a type of high-level orchid growing in Hunan and Hubei provinces, China, which represents a man of honor in Chinese culture. Named after the orchid this tea product is processed, using a unique formula, from the carefully selected Spring buds of hundred year old, wild arbor tea trees growing along the Coast of the Lancang River in Lincang, Yunnan Province. It represents the finest of the Pu-erh teas in Yunnan and it is excellent for collecting, enjoying its great taste, or as a gift for friends. Quality features are that it is uniform and clean; it has obvious silver leaves, a lasting fragrance, a sweet aftertaste and orange-yellow, tender leaves at the bottom of the cup after infusion.

LR-103 (ChuLan, Year 2007)
Price: $179.99
On Sale: $149.99
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  • Weight: 357g
  • Year Produced: 2007

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