Pu-erh Tea Cake Pu-erh Tea Cake
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LongRun DiaoYuTai Tea Cake (Year 2012, Fermented)

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LongRun DiaoYuTai Tea Cake (Year 2012, Fermented)

Item: LR-105

The product is packed in cotton paper with the handwriting of Qianlong, the king of the Qing Dynasty. It is processed and fermented, using a unique formula and technique, from the carefully selected Spring buds of the hundred year old, wild arbor tea trees growing along the coast of LanCang River in Lincang, Yunnan Province. It is a fermented Pu-erh tea cake with superfine quality. It has a pure earthy scent with bright red color.

LR-105 (DiaoYuTai, Year 2012)
Price: $179.99
On Sale: $149.99
Save: $30.00 (17%)

  • Weight: 357g/cake
  • Year Produced: 2012

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