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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Three Friends, Pine (Fermented)

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LongRun Pu-erh Tea Cake - Three Friends, Pine (Fermented)

Item: LR-126

The Pine is vigorous, strong, beautiful, tall and straight. It is flavored by the four seasons and full of life, vitality and endurance. Imagine in the swirling snow of the season, other trees lose their leaves - not the pine; it stands resolute, upright and lush. Seeing this has what affect upon us? Of the six kinds of teas, Pu-erh tea is the most valuable to collect, as the pine is venerated so this name better reflects the worth of this valuable and collectable tea.

The material for this tea is selected from the Yunnan, Lancang River middle and lower reaches from high-quality, large-leafed tea trees. It has a compact, rounded soft cake shape; the soup is bright red-brown color, smooth and sweet.

LR-126 (Pine, Year 2011)
Price: $66.99

  • Weight: 357g/cake
  • Year Produced: 2011
  • Category: Fermented Pu-erh Tea

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