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LongRun Pu-erhTea brick-826

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LongRun Pu-erhTea brick-826

Item: LR-135

Pu-erh tea brick is known as "Sixi side tea" which means auspicious. 826 comes in a beautifully, elegant brick tea-packaging at the appropriate weight. The brick is tightly shaped to form a cake of consistent size and shape with intact surface leaves. The tea cord is clear and complete, with a lasting earthy aroma. The soup is bright and reddish brown with a slight taste of alcohol and a sweet finish and the leaves are reddish brown and soft.
LongRun Tea produces traditional tea processed to medical manufacturing standards. Pu-erhTea Brick-826 leaves have been selected from the special early spring alpine ecosystems in Yunnan. These are "GAP"," IMO" certified tea plantation quality Yunnan, large-leafed, tea leaves. Processing steps include careful material selection, distinct blending, the use of a unique climate and environment, aerobic fermentation, wooden warehouse storage, and 86 steps of strict quality control.

LR-135 (Year 2012)
Price: $25.99

  • Weight: 250g/box
  • Year Produced: 2012
  • Category: Fermented Pu-erh Tea
  • Place of origin: Yunnan Province, China

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