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LongRun TaiChi Pu-erh Tea

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LongRun TaiChi Pu-erh Tea

Item: LR-176

LongRun Tai Chi Pu-erh Tea uses a selection of large leaf of high quality fresh tea leaves as raw material. The leaves come from the Lancang River in Lincang, Yunnan Province Yunnan, China. A double treat, this tin offers two types of tea. LongRun adheres to the traditional refining process creating an unfermented tea with bowl round-shaped beauty, clarity, thick leaves and a pleasing fragrance and a fermented tea bowl with round-shaped symmetry, a clean tea face, brown color, leaves intact, with a pure smell of lasting fragrance. LongRunTai Chi Pu-eahTea combines tea and Taoism in line with the natural development of the law to promote modern good health!

LR-176 (Year 2010)
Price: $14.99

  • Weight: 42g/box
  • Year Produced: 2010

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