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Mini Jasmine Green Cake, MoLiXiaoQingBing

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Mini Jasmine Green Cake, MoLiXiaoQingBing

Item: LR-177

For the LongRun small Jasmine Green Tea cake, we have selected the raw material from Lincang, Baoshan, Yunnan and other large-leafed tea-core natural areas. This is the original ecosystem with ecological quality, pollution-free mountain tea trees. This is combined with the "hometown of Chinese Jasmine" - Guangxi Hengxian quality jasmine scenting. The buds are beautiful, a special display and the cake is a rounded beauty. LongRun Jasmine Green Tea Cake will be fresh and natural. Aromatic jasmine's the perfect combination of elegance, natural floral tea flavor, fragrance, refreshing and the soup is a bright golden with a sweet, pleasant taste. This is an enjoyable tea that is good for your health.

LR-177 (Jasmine, Year 2010)
Price: $52.99

  • Weight: 100g x 7/tin
  • Year Produced: 2010

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