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Longrun Pu-erh Tea - Snow (Fermented)

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Longrun Pu-erh Tea - Snow (Fermented)

Item: LR-183

Put snow and tea together and you have a taste sensation. Taste this great tea flavor while listening to the sound of snow to enjoy one the great joys of life. For LongRun Pu-erh Tea- Snow , the raw material is selected from big- leaf fresh tea leaves located at middle and lower reaches of the Lancang River in Yunnan, China. The first cup, there is an ancient and fresh breath; the second cup, the tea gradually soaks, slowly becoming thick and gloomy, it smells better, showing restraint; the third cup, all ripe, just right, soup is a thick bright red, sweet taste and strong and it stays on the tip of the tongue with its sweet, smooth, full flavor.

LR-183 ()
Price: $23.99

  • Weight: 100g/Tin
  • Produced in: 2007

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