Tuo Cha Tuo Cha

Spread Aroma - Summner (cooked pu-erh tea)

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Spread Aroma - Summner (cooked pu-erh tea)

Item: LR-186

Summer in Yunnan is filled with the passion of a flaming fire. There is Red Torch Festival in nearby Shangri-La, where young Wazu minority girls with long hair dance. Themed in red packaging, Spread Aroma-Summer is a Longrun grade II cooked pu-erh tea that triggers your unlimited imagination of famous Yunnan. This tea is a mini high-quality Tuo Cha, the leaves come from the original section of the Lancang River Basin ecosystem Cha large-leafed trees and are processed with 86 steps of quality control. It is bowl shaped, has delicate fragrance, the liquid is a bright red and it has a smooth and mellow taste.

LR-186 (Year 2008)
Price: $24.99

  • Weight: 150g/tin
  • Year Produced: 2008

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