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Spread Aroma - Winter (cooked pu-erh tea)

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Spread Aroma - Winter (cooked pu-erh tea)

Item: LR-188

Yunnan winter is a continuation of the fall and a prelude to spring. During winter in Yunnan you cannot see snow; you will only feel the endless stretches of green. The theme of the white packaging of the Spread Aroma-Winter tea container is the Lincang Cangyuan cliffs. The painting is mysterious, vivid and lifelike and provokes reflection. Spread Aroma-Winter is a high-quality, premium, loose palace pu-erh. The leaves come from the Lancang River Basin from the original section of the eco-Cha, large-leafed trees. Traditional processes are adhered to with manual rolling and refined fermentation. The tea possesses leaf cord complete symmetry, has a thick, bright red soup, a lasting aroma and a smooth and mellow taste.

LR-188 (Year 2008)
Price: $37.99

  • Weight: 150g/tin
  • Year Produced: 2008

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