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LongRun Olympics Serenity Pu-erh Tea

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LongRun Olympics Serenity Pu-erh Tea

Item: LR-201

LongRun Olympics Serenity Tea is a remembrance for the Beijing Olympics; it is a specially permitted product with limited edition from BOCOG. It is divided into Serenity (Tian He), Peace (Di He), Unity (Ren He), and Harmony (He Xie). The style package design fits with Chinese tea culture, reflects the spirit of the Olympics, and delivers good wishes for the Beijing Olympics from the people of Yunnan. It is a good choice for collection and drinking. LongRun Olympics Serenity Tea has unique packaging and was selected as the official Pu-erh tea for the Beijing Olympics. Significantly, the No. 2001 of the series was given to former IOC president Mr. Antonio Samaranch.

LR-201 (Year 2008)
Price: $3272.00
On Sale: $1999.99
Save: $1272.01 (39%)

  • Weight: 2500g/box
  • Year Produced: 2008

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