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                Contact us


                No.36 Shushan Road,Shoushu Modern Industrial Park,Huainan,Anhui Province


                Domestic sales: xsb-001@chinadyne.net

                Oversea sales: sales01@chinadyne.net


                HR Dep:0554-4031788


                19965550188(Same as WeChat)

                Sales Dep:0554-4506087

                Service hotline: 400-100-7540

                QQ online service:


                DYNE official account

                Map navigation

                • BUS
                  You can take bus to station of Luhua Rd, Mingzhu Rd, Mingchuan Rd in Hefei high-tech zone, then walk to DYNE.
                • Taxi or Driving
                  Search “Hefei Dyne Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd”, following the instruction of GPS, you will arrive DYNE.

                Anhui Dyne Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

                DENSO JOINT VE NTURE

                Anhui DYNE Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

                DYNE official account

                DENSO JOINT VE NTURE

                Anhui DYNE Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

                DYNE official account