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                Happy Chinese New Year

                Release time:2020-01-14   Views:1856

                In our peak season, 2020 has already arrived, Chinese new year is also approaching.

                All Dyners got together in the Mix-City, to share the Share the joy of the harvest and look to the new year.

                President & General manager Mr. Xie made a speed, thanks all Dyners for their hard work so that we achieved
                growth even under the severe international  situation. 

                Vice GM Mr. Sanuki used Chinese and Japanese, shared some interesting  customs in Japan new year, gave his
                best wishes to all Dyners.

                Excellent staffs and teams received awards.

                Versatile Dyner’s  show time.

                The lottery draw, the most exciting time, Good luck!

                New year is coming. In the time full of opportunities and challenges, all Dyners will continue to strive for brighter future of company, also achieve self-worth of everybody!


                NextDYNE show time (2019)

                Anhui Dyne Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

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                Anhui DYNE Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

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                DENSO JOINT VE NTURE

                Anhui DYNE Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

                DYNE official account